The Touchdown Club Foundation of Greater Akron, Inc

The Touchdown Club Foundation of Greater Akron, Inc

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Winter All-Stars

Greetings from the Executive Committee of the Touchdown Club Foundation of Greater Akron. The year 2020 has brought many unexpected and unusual happenings due to the coronavirus. For the first time since its inception, our organization will not be holding a winter banquet. Our executive committee was very disheartened when making this decision but with schools being closed indefinitely and the state quarantine in effect, we know it was the only decision we could make.

We have chosen all-stars for the winter sports season and although we won’t be recognizing these athletes in person, we would like to congratulate their outstanding efforts here on our website as well as in the local newspaper.

We hope all of you will stay safe and healthy during this unsettling period while using the extra time off from school, work, and athletics to improve your skills in your sport(s), if possible.

The Executive Committee of the Touchdown Club Foundation of Greater Akron.

What is the Touchdown Club?
The Touchdown Club has been in existence for 78 years. Like many organizations that have been around that long, it has changed it’s goals and objectives. However; one thing has been constant–working with the youth of our community. To familiarize everyone with the Club’s history, here is a brief rundown.

Original Goal
The Touchdown Club is the oldest sports organization in Summit County, established in 1941. The original goal of the Club was to serve the University of Akron’s football program as a booster club. It started as part of the University of Akron’s “A” Association organization (Akron’s lettermen’s club) to raise money for recruiting and to aid football coach Otis Douglas. When World War II began, Douglas left the University for the Navy and a disagreement with President Hezzelton Simmons caused the Touchdown Club to separate from the “A” Association. It became its own organization on November 5, 1942. The first President of the Touchdown Club was Edward Nahm. After the Club became an independent organization, new objectives were set which changed the purpose and focus of the Touchdown Club. The new objectives included:

  1. Sponsoring, promoting, publicizing, and supporting activities for the youth of Summit County.
  2. Recognizing superior achievements in athletics / social activities.
  3. Providing a medium through which youth-minded individuals could invest part of their time, effort, and resources

The Club is now an organization dedicated to helping the youth of Summit and Portage County, and is a 501(c)(3) organization.